It's Marie Curie

sometimes i envy you office working people. you go in to work at the same (ungodly early) hour each day. you know when you will have days off, at least more than three days in advance. you can mask your boredom with a few clicks of the mouse, rather than by wandering around a store, pretending you're on your way to do something important. you work on (sometimes) important or otherwise interesting things. you probably get paid more than i do--and if you don't, you really should have quit by now. you have the capability of, over time, becoming more important to the faceless empire for whom you work, maybe even making more money in the process.

your lives are more career-like. i envy that.

but at the same time, i think i prefer where i am. but sometimes, despite the fact that i really can't imagine it, i think i'd be better off in an office.

it's strange, suddenly wanting to wear a tie to work.

hands away.

two more things i almost forgot.

first, while there is a growing buzz about the band interpol, i'm still quite intrigued. you see, normally when a buzz gathers like that i dismiss the band, chalking it up to another fad-type situation. but in the case of interpol, every reviewer talks about how they're like joy division (even though "nyc" sounds like an ultra-depressed galaxie 500). since i love joy division, it makes sense, does it not?

(inspired from the fact that i just downloaded another song from the new album--"hands away"--and i like it a lot)

and second, i had a thought earlier that i figured i'd share. i thought about doing a week or so worth of posts, each one written with the style, mannerisms, etc., of people whose weblogs i read on a regular basis. then i realized that i have enough trouble maintaining my own personal writing style, and concluded it was probably a bad idea.