Shampoo and melancholy

do you know what the one word that has entranced and confused me for many years? methylchloroisothiazolinone. it's in pretty much every shampoo ever made, unless you use that freaky hippie shampoo that you can buy out of a spout at your local new-age store--although admittedly, reading the label for the 17-in-one shampoo is never a dull moment. what's that stuff called? i'm blanking.

anyway, methylchloroisothiazolinone should not be confused with methylisothiazolinone, which is also in pretty much every shampoo on the market, but which doesn't retain as much of a hold on me as the former word (i'm tired of typing it) does.

now i hate the fact that when you log out of hotmail, it forwards you automatically to msm and i hate it. but sometimes i can't helped but be sucked in by some of the stories on the main page. like this one, reporting (with commentary) on the fact that three missouri colleges were tops on the list for the most unhappy students.

i just wanted to throw that on there for the hell of it. the article's worth it, if nothing else for the line, "if all roads lead to rome, they also all lead away from missouri."

oh, and i visited stephens college at one point--please please please don't ask why, as that would open up chapters that read more like a degrassi junior high script than my life. but anyway, there was something unsettling about the entire experience, so i guess i can see why they're so miserable.

one of these days, alice.

in an attempt to delay the inevitable trip to the laundromat with entirely too much laundry to do, i updated a few things here. the links page reflects a few changes, the concert list is slowly becoming comprehensive, and the books read page shows that it'll probably be next june before i finally get through all the books that sarah sent me a while back.

and as i said, i have ideas for a new site design, but i can't work on that until i do some major scanning while i'm at work. being done by my birthday probably won't be happening.

speaking of my birthday, what have you done to help me celebrate?