In competance

god, i'm an idiot. i have about fifteen thousand things to do, and yet i have been spending the last three days (at least the balance of those days left over after working) sleeping too much and messing around on the internet. i'd ask for help in being productive, but it probably won't work, so save your breath.

random movie things:

one hour photo should be coming out soon (this week? dunno.). i look forward to this for two reasons. first, that i really want to see it. and second, i want to see if it will affect business at the store.

have i mentioned that i really want to see 24 hour party people? because i do. i really really do.

i did not know that they decided to make a movie out of the league of extraordinary gentlemen. now if they only make a movie out of watchmen, all will be well.

and a couple of music-related things:

i finally had enough money to buy another cd, so i bought beth orton, daybreaker. i had to stop myself from buying the new flaming lips (and for that matter, the mountain goats' sub pop 7" that's currently on ebay), though, as i don't have that much money.

can it really be true that sean tillman (aka sean na na) has worked with kelly osbourne, and is now slated to work on jennifer lopez's new album?!? that's what tiny mix tapes says, but i can't get any confirmation anywhere. i did, however, read sean's interview with insound (here), and laughed at his prince sightings and dashboard confessional rippings.

my morning jacket is still on tour, this time with doves. and they are yet again skipping st. louis. i think that they are consciously avoiding the ol' gateway city. if these guys don't become freakin' huge as a result of opening for beth orton, guided by voices, doves, ben kweller, and freakin' john mayer, i don't know what will help.

the sparta single that i do not like is "cut your ribbon." i have, however, heard that the video is pretty cool.

in other news, i spent several hours at work today replacing light bulbs in our twenty foot tall ceiling, then taking the burned-out bulbs out back and throwing them against the wall. they make neat noises when they break/explode.

this is what my life has turned into.