Incendiary device

i hesitate to post right now, as my aunt will be in town any minute, and we're supposed to go out and grab some food. ordinarily, that wouldn't be an issue, but i look like a cross between a post-bar room brawl james gandolfini and that guy down the street from your home that yells at traffic signs all day. that, and the apartment looks as though someone broke in last night.

for the record: no one broke in last night. or if they did, they didn't take anything and kindly locked the door on their way out.

two statements about current commercial radio playlists. (1) i'm happy to hear piebald on the radio, but why'd they have to make it "american hearts"? that's my least favorite piebald song--ever. and (2), i don't like the new sparta single either.

basically, piebald should have made "just a simple plan" the commercial single (they made a video for that one, didn't they?), and sparta should have kept with "mye" as the single. just my two cents.

anyway, here's something. reading through pitchfork like the dutiful indie rocker that i am, i was informed of the impending release of a best-of compilation from the fall. this reminds me.

there are some artists whose work i need to own in its entirety, even if i don't already. the mountain goats, sunny day real estate, joy division, rem (pre-monster), etc.--there's something about some of these artists that i really latch on to, and i feel the need to own each and every song they have ever released.

on the flip side, there are plenty of artists from whom i only need a best-of--or at the very least, i can make do with a best-of until i make my billions of dollars selling pork belly futures. the pixies and the smiths (although those are two whose presence in my world will be bulked up as money permits). the replacements, mission of burma, the beach boys. my quandry comes from this...why is it that i feel as though i'm cheating? i mean sure, i won't be able to hold my own in a conversation about why tim is such a damned fine album, but who cares? so i don't realize that belle and sebastian copped all their good stuff (well, that which wasn't ripped off of nick drake) from the what?

and you may realize at this point that i seem to place too much stock in what other people think of my musical knowledge. and oh man, would you be right.

in completely different news, i could not fall asleep last night because i had a song stuck in my head. for the sake of not killing any good mood you may have right now, i will not repeat the name of the song that was stuck there. i won't even give you a hint.