In competance

i've been debating whether to put up some sort of song of the week, so that everyone has the ability to know about every single song i choose to go on and on and on about. there are two reasons why i haven't gone ahead and done it yet. first, i wouldn't know which song to put on first--and that may sound strange, but i'm all for starting things off with a bang. and second, i'm a little slow in updating things on the page--as evidenced by my not adding links that i follow on a daily basis, etc.

in other news, two people had sex in the alley/parking lot behind my workplace last night. i tried to think of funny things i could do with regard to the fornication, but the best i could come up with was to call the cops and watch the scattering and embarrasment that came as a direct result. and that plan would just be mean to these people...after all, if they can bring themselves to do anything next to a dumpster, who am i to ruin that? so i didn't do anything, and i'm even now kicking myself--but i still haven't come up with something funny i could have done.

Moving to list format

apologies to those of you who are tired of getting peter cetera songs stuck in your head as a direct result of reading what i've written here. but i can't help it, since it's stuck in my head now...."next time i fall." or does anyone remember that one?

finally saw the royal tenenbaums earlier this evening, since dave was bored and rented it. honestly, i wasn't as taken with it as i was with rushmore, but i still loved it, and i have a feeling that subsequent viewings will increase my love.

i'm getting really tired of going to the dentist. i went there on friday, but my dentist wasn't actually there, so some other guy did some apparently temporary work. i went back in today, and they filled the other tooth. but now i have to make an appointment with someone else to have the root canal done. when you factor in the cleaning i have scheduled for next week, that will mean four trips to tooth doctors in the span of ten days. that's just not right. but least i'm not in pain.

reorganization--or more specifically, sub-organization--of my mp3 playlist is required. it's a little jarring when winamp randomly chooses the following songs in a row:

modest mouse, "dukes up"

mountain goats, "cubs in five"

hero of a hundred fights, "saying it's all in the math"

ida, "post prom disorder"

refused, "new noise"

if i ever made a mix with a playlist like that, i'd probably have to send myself to a psychiatrist for anti-psychotic meds.

because i'm a little gun-shy about using my new and improved teeth until the final work is done on them, i've been eating a lot of soup lately. you know, to avoid chewing much. and i must say, campbell's makes a cream of chicken dijon soup that's actually quite tasty.

oh dear lord, i'm writing about soup. i must stop now.

Saturday in the park

I have just spent the last hour reading old e-mails and looking at information about chicago (the band, silly) on allmusic. keep in mind that i only wrote about three e-mails, and i don't own any albums by chicago...yet.

maybe if i'm good i'll wake up early enough to do something of import tomorrow, before i go and get the shit drilled out of my teeth...again.

(small aside--my teeth no longer hurt, thanks to something my dentist called "soothing stuff." i'm still wondering if that's the brand name, and if so, where do i get it? it--along with the tylenol 3--is amazing.)

oh crap, now i have "saturday in the park" going through my head. please please please let it get replaced by "does anybody really know what time it is" or hell, even "you're the inspiration."

actually, now i have "you're the inspiration" stuck in there, and i don't like that either. time for bed.

Hi, dad? I'm in jail

ladies and gentlemen, i am in hell.

i have now been awake for over thirty-six hours. my teeth have gotten to the point where they will not stop hurting. i actually started a list of things i have tried or taken in order to stop the pain, but the list got long and boring and not even interesting, so i stopped. suffice it to say that i've tried everything.

the only thing that works even remotely is constantly swishing cold water around in my mouth, and even that only works for about a minute or so at a time. i've actually had to force myself to spit out the well-swished water instead of swallowing it, because of a (quite possibly irrational) fear of giving myself water poisoning. what, haven't heard of it? you obviously don't watch reruns of er with the regularity that i do. i've seen that Chaturbate episode, like, five times.

the really dumb thing about all this is that despite the fact that i had a day off work today, and i've been up for pretty much the entire day, i haven't done anything, instead choosing to sit around and feel miserable. sure, i could have called the dentist and seen if they could see me today. but that would have been smart.

i was going to keep writing, but i'm boring even myself. i'm sorry.

It's just not fair

in an attempt to get this done early enough that i might get to work on time, let's do this one as a list:

i actually did call the dentist yesterday and got a refill on my amoxicillin. i'm still not quite sure if it's doing what it's supposed to be doing, but i did manage to sleep for six hours in a row last night, making it my own personal record in the past few days. so that's a good sign.

note to people taking pictures: newborn babies are ugly. no, really...they're ugly. i know that no one wants to agree with me, but until the baby has time to get that skull into a somewhat proper alignment and otherwise make itself human, it's not very cute.

there's a chance i'll get in to the beth orton show on saturday for free. that would be sweet, since i don't really have the money, but i know that i'd spend it anyway.

oh, the thing about the babies being ugly is probably just because of the fact that all i've seen at work lately (other than lots of weddings, and a few rolls of two of the people from american idol) has been newborn baby pictures. i wondered why, and then i realized that many of these babies would have been conceived last november or so. all that pressure of the holidays, i guess.

dave is just at the beginning of a two week vacation from his work place. sarah is, as far as i can tell, still in richmond. i had to fill in for someone at a different store on saturday because they're on a month-long (!!!) vacation in europe. what's my point? my point is that i'm in the middle of a seven-day stretch at work, with no major holidays coming up, and i'd be willing to strip in front of others while singing "i will survive" and eating hot chocolate mix if it meant that i would have some time off of work. seriously.

okay, not going to be late, but i will be cutting in close. buh-bye.

Expect it by my birthday.

I haven't accomplished much in the past few days. in fact, other than work, i haven't really managed to do much of anything (other than laundry, but that turned out to be hurculean in scope).

what is the reason for this? do i, the person with a tendency to trail off into long periods of inactivity, actually have a reason? why yes, yes i do. i have been unable to sleep more than a few hours a night for the past few nights, as my teeth have decided to revolt against the impending dental work (seven days, sixteen hours, and fifteen minutes until the appointment--oh yes, i'm counting) by causing me an amount of pain that makes concentration--or sleep--impossible.

the aspirin (and later, the acetaminophen, and then the naproxen sodium) has ceased working in the past few days, and my new regimen for allowing sleep is a steady diet of antiseptic mouthwash and brushing of the teeth (five times today so far, and i'll do it once more before i go to sleep). i have honestly never looked forward to a root canal as much as i do right now.

pity me. no really, pity me. for two reasons, actually. one, because my teeth are killing me. and two, because reason number one is the only thing i have to talk about, and is the only excuse for still not writing e-mails or posts.

and a hello to niles! i should have known that talking about hefner would bring him out into the open...

oh, and for the even slightly curious, i have started formulating ideas for a new site design.